Importance of Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests serve as objective means of assessing the aptitude and potential ability of candidates to perform well in a job role. This is due to psychometric tests measuring a range of skills from cognitive abilities, and knowledge to assessing personality.

Conventionally, recruiters studied applicants’ CVs and qualifications and made a decision based on an interview. Research has shown that this is a fairly poor way to select which candidates are going to be best for the job. The better way is to use a combination of interviews, assessments, and psychometric tests. The Capital Group Ghana Ltd. has great tools and experience in carrying out the best psychometric tests and assessments.

There is a strong correlation between psychometric test scores and job performance. This means that if an applicant scores highly on a psychometric test, the probability that he/ she is going to perform well in the job is also high. The predictive nature makes psychometric tests very attractive. In addition to this, it can be administered to a large number of applicants at the same time either online or onsite. No matter the nature and needs of your organization, The Capital Group Ghana Ltd. will meet your needs.

Psychometric tests can be classified into personality tests and aptitude tests. Personality tests explore applicants’ interests, values, and motivations, analyzing how their character fits with the role and organization. They analyze emotions, behaviours, and relationships in a variety of situations. Aptitude tests assess applicants’ reasoning or cognitive ability, determining whether they have got the right skill set for a role. Applicants’ intelligence levels are compared to a standard, meaning that they must achieve a certain score to pass. Common tests include diagrammatic reasoning, error checking, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

The Capital Group Ltd. also uses Harrison Assessment which is used across 61 countries. Harrison Assessment provides a complete Talent System that offers a brief job-specific assessment of qualifications, a Smart Questionnaire for behavioral assessment, and an assessment for critical thinking.

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