The power of coaching to help us persevere through challenging times in Ghana

Are you trembling in your shoes? We believe the majority of us are. If you are not worried about the galloping inflation and interest rate, haircuts on investments, currency depreciation, frightening unemployment rate, introduction of new taxes, government expenditure cuts, illegal mining (galamsey), and the ongoing challenges of IMF bailout and the Ukraine – Russia war, we would like some of what you have please.

We would like to promote coaching as a tool that can help people thrive in difficult times, discover their potential, deal with change, rise to challenges without jeopardizing their health, find fulfillment, and be successful. Coaching, for these reasons, is a direct investment in the success of your most valuable resource, your people, and as such has an indirect, but very powerful impact on business success.

Coaching, on the other hand, is rarely the first solution that comes to mind for leaders.

Have you recently been told by management that “times are hard / we are in a depressed economy, we need to work harder / we need to bring in new business for the business to survive / we need to absorb colleagues’ absences or a larger workload / there is no extra revenue coming / costs are rising / we need to cut cost!” We work with many people who face similar challenges, and we have noticed two things.
1. We work harder, we try harder, we try to be strong in the face of challenges. Indeed, many people enjoy periods of increased stress, and this works for a while.
2. An elastic band will only stretch as far as its breaking point before snapping.
Thus, we at The Capital Group Limited proffer these coaching solutions to business leaders.

Invest in people and reap the benefits

Coaching is effective at any time and is frequently provided to the most senior members of an organization. However, we believe that coaching should be made more widely available to all employees. Yes, it is a time and money investment, but it is a very wise one that more and more organizations are realizing – invest in people, reap the benefits.

Why is mentoring so effective?

As humans, we spend a lot of time thinking about our own thoughts, beliefs, values, and habits that may have helped us in the past but may be limiting us now. Having a safe place to explore our needs, wants, abilities, and thoughts can inspire creativity and help us get past the obstacles in our way. The ability to be the best version of ourselves is furthermore unlocked by increasing our self-awareness and having the courage to be who we truly are. Who can benefit?

Everyone! As previously stated, we at The Capital Group Limited are aware that coaching can be an incredibly effective intervention for everyone. However, allow us to mention a few situations that you might be familiar with in these present difficult times:
• Middle managers juggle the delicate balancing act of managing up while being on the ground implementing strategy. They are the sandwich generation in the company, never quite able to get it right!
• Workers at all levels who are under pressure to perform in situations where resources are limited and deadlines or goals seem insurmountable.
• Leaders who use the ‘times are tough, crack the whip’ strategy and want a better understanding of human motivation and to develop themselves as outstanding leaders.

How can you offer coaching in challenging times?

When every cost must be scrutinized in order to survive difficult times, it is tempting to dismiss coaching as too expensive and time consuming. Let me reveal a little secret! All coaches understand that amazing breakthroughs can occur from a simple conversation to a multi-session coaching engagement. It can be used on an individual 121 basis as well as in group settings. Knowing this, how can you use good coaching practice to benefit as many people as possible? I recommend challenging assumptions about what ‘good’ coaching entails and looking for innovative solutions. A few ideas:
• Use external coaches as needed, collaborating with a reputable coaching provider.
• Provide creative coaching solutions tailored to your people and organization in order to benefit as many people as possible.
• Internal managers and leaders should be trained to use a coaching approach in their leadership style.

The power of coaching is that it creates resilient, engaged individuals who are able to manage change and grow their capabilities and skills, which impacts organizational success. 

Talk to us about how we can support you and your people and leaders. Unlike other management consultancy firms in Ghana, The Capital Group Limited has a team that has real-world experience in coaching you and your people and leaders. This means we are perfectly placed to offer coaching advice and lend a hand if you need it. For more information, visit or call us at +233 302674697 or email us

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