Family Business

Family business is said to represent the oldest and most prevalent type of business organizations worldwide. These businesses are estimated to contribute more than half of GDP and two-thirds of employment and this is seen as good news for the world economy. Nevertheless, family businesses are confronted with several challenges. Critical among them are governance, recruitment of right employees and survival beyond generations. We partner with you offer you the strategic solutions you can trust to ensure your legacy remains competitive, profitable and sustainable beyond your generation.

In all our dealings, we have maintained a spirit of partnership rather than transactional and we are guided by the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” We share in your business pain points to which we collectively try to find solutions that can be trusted. TCGL sticks around and is always available to provide support. We equally share in your joy when the business achieves a milestone and when we continually hear of your existence and profitability in the Ghanaian economy.

With our deep-seated knowledge of the family business landscape in Ghana, we can confidently say that the absence of proper bookkeeping and accounting, understanding of succession planning, interference in recruitment by family members, uncertainties about mergers and acquisitions are some of the challenges inhibiting the growth of family businesses. Our solutions are custom-made and designed to offer you the advice you need to turnaround your distressed business.

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