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New Beginnings Await! It is time to revolutionize your talent management with a cutting-edge psychometric tool that will reshape the way you approach talent acquisition, development, and succession planning. Unlock the power of Harrison Assessment – Discover the future of talent management.

The Harrison Assessment Technology
The Harrison Assessment is a software that aids firms maximize their human capital by leveraging their deep understanding of human resources and psychology. This technology provides the most trusted and accurate employee assessment, helping managers throughout the hiring process.
Harrison’s industry leading SmartQuestionnaire, a comprehensive tool that measures 175 workplace factors, automatically generates questionnaires that enable the effective measurement of leadership paradoxes, emotional intelligence, personality, motivation, attitudes, passion for specific jobs, engagement, and retention – all in one high- tech 25-minute questionnaire.

It performs an excellent match of people to the right roles, facilitate employee engagement, develop job-specific behavioral competencies, promote core values, accelerate leadership development, and enable managers to coach, engage, and retain employees

How HAT works – Harrison’s SmartQuestionnaire

This SmartQuestionnaire is automatically programmed to generate role-specific questionnaires utilized
in the hiring process. It is engineered in the manner that gives insight into an applicant’s cognitive characteristics apart from the applicant’s qualification and skills of the employee.

Results from the responses of the employees who undertake the assessment are delivered to the employer. This report enables the employer make an informed decision of selecting the suitable employee for the specified role based on the performance of the employee.

Why Harrison Assessment Technology – Harrison’s SmartQuestionnaire
The Harrison system is so sensitive that even slight attempts to deceive it are automatically detected, located, and flagged due to more than 8,200 cross-references made on the person’s answers by the system.
Measures essential, job-specific satisfaction and success factors with highly accurate results using 6,500+ researched Job Success Formulas.
It reduces time accumulated on contact review of large quantity of resumes of applicants.
It enables recruiting officers sieve out unqualified applicants from the qualified based on job specific questions.

What others are saying
Chrissie Coates, CEO of U Transition Limited, a talent management firm
“Finding the right candidate for a job is difficult. Using an assessment tool such as the Harrison can help save you time, money and a lot of headaches by helping you find someone who doesn’t say, “I hate this job”. And it will hopefully make it so your team leader does not have to say… “Just do it!”

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