Employee Counselling

Happy, engaged, fulfilled employees are the foundation for any successful business. Every organization must ensure that it has a healthy workforce at all times. Employee counselling is very important to ensure a well-balanced workforce. Employee counselling is a method of understanding and helping individuals who have technical, personal, and emotional adjustment problems interfering with their work performance.

In the present highly complex environment, HR counselling has become a very important responsibility of an organisation as counselling plays a vital role in different aspects of managing human resources like career planning and development, performance management, stress management, and other areas which may affect employees emotionally. Counselling has a very wide application both within and without organizational context.

Employee’s emotional problem might have emerged due to the mal-adjustment of the employee because of organizational factors or his personal factors. Some of the organizational factors causing this mal-adjustment may be the nature of the job, nature of supervision, apathetic workgroup, interpersonal conflict, etc. All these factors lead to emotional maladjustment, and if it is not overcome by proper counselling, the employee may perform poorly on the job.

The Capital Group Ghana Ltd. offers professional corporate counselling to employees and organizations. The counselling may range from discussions on various subjects which affect the psychological stability of the employee. In addition to this, The Capital Group Ghana Ltd will give some recommendations to improve the psychological well-being of the employees and organization in general based on its analysis.

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