Breaking Past The Iron Bars

In a certain company, over the years, employees signed in and out of the office space in a notebook. The practice was that employees could sign in for their colleagues who were yet to report to work. As technology caught up with the company and decided to introduce biometric sign-in, the management was faced with agitation from a section of employees.

They opposed the introduction of biometric sign-in citing various valid reasons such as the high-cost component of its installation and potential data breaches. Irrespective of the assurance from management to address the potential data breaches, the agitated employees would not back down on their resistance. This is the situation most companies face when trying to implement change.

It is often said that change is the only constant thing in this world. In this fast-paced, constantly evolving business environment, Companies are faced with the dilemma to embrace change to stay in the competition or remain the same and go into extinction. Change occurs in all facets of organizational life. It can happen to strategy, people, technology, and culture.

Change is always inevitable but so is resistance to change. It is the basic human nature of people to try and keep their methods and customs constant. Employees may resist change outrightly with protests and disapprovals. Resistance to change is evident in actions such as criticism, fault-finding, unpleasant comments or sarcastic remarks, missed meetings, failed commitments, endless arguments, and sabotage.

Resistance to change in itself is not a bad situation. It offers the change leaders the opportunity to reassess the situation again and look out for the best strategy.

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