Executive Coaching

The coach of one of the teams is seen on the touchline analyzing the game. Every now and then when there is a break in the game, he gathers the players around and tells them something. The players appear motivated after every moment they gather around with their coach. Usually, the coaches have a better view of the game than the footballers who are deeply involved and have no or little time to analyze the game.

Just like the football game, business executives are caught up in a fast-paced environment in that they have little or no time to reflect and assess their performance and the impact of the team they are leading. Even if they are able to reflect on their leadership performance, they are likely to assess themselves either more highly or lowly than they deserve. As the Ghanaian adage goes, “the person making the trail does not see how crooked it is”, it then becomes imperative that an experienced professional who has walked a similar leadership path guides the new executive on this challenging leadership and career path.

Research by Forbes indicates that some of the challenges facing executives include time management, leadership, generating revenue, strategy, and marketing. This is not an exhaustive list since challenges may differ based on several factors. This calls for seasoned leaders with a wealth of experience to guide new leaders to navigate these rough paths until their feet gain traction.

Executive coaching is powerful, focused, and effective development tool for senior leaders in any organization. Executive coaching sessions are skilled and targeted conversations that challenge and support executives to help themselves, and their businesses, excel over the long term.

At The Capital Group Ltd, we offer coaching services to both executives and employees alike. Getting a coach enables leaders to identify and refine the skills that are critical for their continued success. Talk to us and we would assist you in identifying the top challenges of your leaders and employees and design coaching sessions that would improve their performance metrics.

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