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Creating A Service Culture

John Tschohl
John Tschohl

Dear Executive:
Have you found that your customers are more
demanding than ever? All programs are available on a
flash drive.
And yet, service worldwide seems to be getting worse.
Companies spend most of their dollars to attract new
customers–and virtually nothing to keep them. When
you partner with Service Quality Institute, our programs
will help you keep customers!
High-value, maximum-impact customer retention
demands that you help employees understand the value
of keeping the customer and how they can contribute to the process. Next you must
give them the skills to succeed.
Our expertise can help: For over the last 45 years, Service Quality Institute has been
the global leader in helping organizations keep customers and building market share.
Our clients also learn how to improve the performance of their entire workforce so
they can develop a culture of delivering superior customer service.
We are an international business with over 30 products in 12 languages, and many
online. SQI spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to release new
programs and upgrade present ones. The latest one is SMILE. Our channel partners
are in over 40 countries.
Our focus and core competence is changing attitudes and behaviors in order to
build a service culture with our “all-you-can-eat 3 year service culture buffet.”
This requires commitment, time and some money. Building world-class service and
a service culture demands that you keep employees motivated and trained continually.
One-shot progress produces one-shot results. This means you need to introduce a
new training program every four to six months to avoid the downturns. Our
experience shows that it should be new, and different, and it must reinforce the
message learned in the previous program to be effective and hold their interest.
You can measurably increase performance in 16 areas of your organization (see page
4), through an ongoing series of programs for just a few dollars per year, per
employee, with our three-year service culture plan.
Invest in your company’s one asset where you can get the greatest return on the
dollar: Your employees.

John Tschohl President

PS: Take action now to retain customers. Our NO Ifs, NO Ands and NO Buts

money-back guarantee says, “It works!”         


Creating A Service Culture

Strategic Plan for Corporate Culture Change

This is a recommended three year service culture plan. Phase sequence will be tailored to your environment. Every 4-6 months the next phase should be kicked off. We recommend 12 months between BAD and GOOD Idea Campaigns for maximum impact.

If money is a concern, start with the BAD cost reduction campaign and use some of the savings to fund the entire three year plan. It’s low risk and inexpensive.

Customer Service

  1. LET (Leading Empowered Teams) – Two-day seminar designed to get management emotionally commit-ted to exceptional service and trained to reinforce empowered action and improve performance. Focus is on empowerment, team building, coaching, feedback and strategic positioning.
  2. FEELINGS – Six to nine hour program designed to launch the quality service concepts and create/build com-mitment throughout the organization. Course topics include self-esteem, communication, listening, keeping promises and handling difficult situations.
  3. SMILE – A first impression can change everything. Implemented in one session of 3 hours.
  4. EMPOWERMENT – A WAY OF LIFE – Is a game-changing practice that is implemented in 2 sessions of 2-4 hours each.
  5. BAD Campaign (Buck-A-Day) – A 30-day idea campaign designed to eliminate waste and reduce costs. The campaigns are uncomplicated, involve the front-line staff, easy to implement and arouse interest because they use recognition and are designed to be fun.
  6. HANDLING IRATE CUSTOMERS – Irate customers can destroy your day. Learn how to diffuse irate customer encounters. A new program implemented in 2 sessions of 3 hours each.
  7. SPEED – Speed gives your employees the Speed Mindset and empowerment to produce quick, quality and unexpected turnaround every time. Implemented in 2 sessions of 3-4 hours each.
  8. MOVING UP – Helps employees understand their self-imposed limitations, and then believe in themselves in order to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. Implemented in 2 sessions of 3-4 hours each.
  9. COACHING FOR SUCCESS – A one day seminar for motivating and managing and even firing for im-proved employee performance.
  10. REMEMBER ME – A powerful program designed to get everyone to recognize and use customers’ names. Implemented in 2 sessions of 2-3 hours each.
  11. LOYAL FOR LIFE – A 3 to 4 hour service recovery and empowerment seminar. Learn how to take un-happy customers from Hell to Heaven in 60 seconds or less.
  12. Service First Video Library – Twelve videos that teach the skills needed to demonstrate quality customer service at the front line. The programs are designed to improve morale and interpersonal communication and reduce complaints.
  13. GOOD Idea Campaign – A 30-day campaign that puts focus on quality and customer satisfaction. An excit-ing event that gets widespread employee participation built on the premise that people closest to problems frequently have worthwhile ideas.
  14. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE – A 2 to 4 hour program designed to get employees to provide ex-ceptional service not just good service.