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 The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it. - Alphonso Jackson

Employees contribute a great deal to the success or failure of your organisation. That is why their management should be on top of your priority list. If you haven’t outsourced to a third party to assist in managing your staff, take a closer look at your company’s operations cycle. Revisit your strategies from the inception of your company and do a little historic analysis of your company’s achievements and current core and priority activities.

Now ask yourself, have you had enough time and resources to handle your core business? The answer is probably no. But if yes, do you think you have achieved enough?

Consciously or unconsciously, there are distractions. But we want to be responsible for handling that part of your burden, not just to relieve you of work load but to make you tell a new success story that will be evident in your Return on Investment.

The Capital Group Limited has a proactive outsourcing team with a good blend of experience and professionalism to manage all the secondary corporate function of your company whiles you concentrate on your core business.

All we care about is making you earn more and spend less. Our sense of fulfillment is when our practical efforts enable you to heave a huge sigh of relief knowing you can count on us at any time for quality and delivery.

Your success is very much important to us, however, when a recruit does not meet your expectations; you are privileged of tasking us to change any recruit as soon as possible to avoid breaks to processes.

We will be proud and privileged to dedicate our resources to support you in this Strategic HR service, based on a thorough understanding of your business, your culture, vision and objectives.

Our partnership with you obliges us to assist you in crafting policies, procedures and communication needed to achieve enviable results from your contract staff employees.

Some of the Services under Human Resource include but not limited to the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Contract Staffing
  • HR Advisory Services
  • HR Audit
  • Job Analysis/Job Evaluation
  • Compensation Management
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Research and Surveys
  • Organisational Development
  • Development of Various HR / Organizational Policy Handbooks and Manuals
  • Executive / Employee Coaching
  • Executive / Employee Counseling
  • Retirement Counseling
  • Stress Management
  • Psychometric Assessment – Harrison Assessment Test Solutions (Hats)
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The Capital Group Limited offers a range of Industrial Relations consultancy services that ensures a grievance-free work environment geared towards the continuous improvement in efficiency and productivity.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • - Employee Relational Management
  • - Collective Bargaining Negotiations
  • - Mediation, Facilitation, Dispute Resolution and Workplace Negotiations
  • - Grievance Handling
  • - Strategic Planning, Development and Review of Personnel Policies and Procedures

Our Industrial Relations services will help you to position your business in:

  • - Developing and negotiating Collective Workplace Agreements and individual contracts agreements
  • - Drafting and implementing a wide range of company personal policies and procedures
  • - Developing and negotiating of agreements and effective handling of grievances
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See a company as an airplane and imagine a ferry captain piloting: he may have an idea but certainly will not be able to successfully move it to the desired destination.As international leader in behavioral assessment Dr. Dan Harrison puts it:

It is counterproductive for an individual to perform in a role that does not match his or her behavioral preferences because not only the individual’s level of enjoyment and job satisfaction decreases, but so does job performance.

To achieve productivity and high performance, every business organization cannot afford to lose sight of the importance of hiring the right human resource. Employees inherently possess great qualities that are unconsciously hidden yet their effective utilization helps in achieving organizational success.

Identification of talents, capabilities and skills follows a process and if not done right has adverse implications on the overall success of an organization.

Have you ever considered a system that aides companies to identify, recruit, develop and retain top performing employees?

The best way to circumvent unsuitable candidates is by using a reputable management consultancy firm who can source the best talent in the market and from their database. This is where we come in with a reliable psychometric test system that automates and standardizes the entire talent management process (recruitment, development and retention), saving a company up to about 80% of administrative time.

The Harrison Assessment assesses individuals for their technical qualifications as well as the specific amounts and kinds of technical competencies that optimizes performance of employees. It measures motivation for the job and attitudes, individual’s interests, work preferences and values as well as the interpersonal skills and competencies necessary to succeed in the field of work.

The Harrison Assessment gives you a complete analytics of individual’s certifications, specific job skills, educational levels and achievements, specific types of experience, and specific amounts of the said experience.

Today, we pride ourselves with the success stories of companies like Cargill Ghana Limited; Total Petroleum Ghana Limited; Karadeniz Powership; Kasapreko Company Limited; Sandvik Mining; Cenops Operations and Services who gave us the opportunity to serve them and have found value over the years in this unique system.

You can also count on us to take the pressure off you, making sure you attract only high quality and suitable employees.

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For over 20 years, The Capital Group Limited has provided leadership development insights, learning tools, strategy and consulting services to organizations looking to strengthen their leaders, more effectively engage their teams, and build cultures of employee engagement and lasting leadership impact.

Our skills content is multi-dimensional and micro-sized, which allows for flexible training and developmental solutions that can target the needs of diverse employees. We provide a wide range of technical business and leadership skills training including employee leadership, first-time managers, supervisors and more.

We empower organizations, teams and individuals with the skills and best practices necessary to leverage the technologies to deliver the intended business outcomes driving the organizational projects. Whether you’re managing mission critical technology initiatives, developing your technical and managerial talent pipeline or winning greater part of the market share, we provide learning solutions that equip you for success.

We are also experienced in providing leadership and strategy breakout sessions for companies. All our clients have always commended us very highly for our style, knowledge and experience in this unique area of training and development specialization.

With a collection of research-based training programs, assessment tools, e-based learning tools and publications, we are able to customize training solutions to any organization’s specific needs to help achieve results that are practical, enduring and impactful.

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At The Capital Group Limited, our team of dynamic, creative and dedicated professionals have pushed all areas of event management to new frontiers whether it is Brand Activation, Corporate Events, Exhibitions or Seminars.

The urge to deliver more than the client’s expectations has always been our top priority. We offer cutting-edge event management services in the following areas:

  •  International Workshops
  •  Public Education Seminars
  •  Conferences
  •  Annual People Challenge Summit (HR & IR Conference)
  •  Maintenance Engineering

We believe that there is no better business referral that that given by a satisfied client. For this reason, we priorities the needs and expectations of our clients and ensure that we exceed their expectations.

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At The Capital Group Limited, our E-Learning services provides our clients with holistic and quality teaching, scholastic and training materials by deploying the power of technology so as to overcome the limitations of time, distance and resources in learning and training.