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The Capital Group Limited is a leading consultancy firm in Ghana that provides holistic and quality training and development services to corporate institutions. We pride ourselves with the fact that we offer personalized training and development solutions to our clients.

Our training programmes, for the purposes of analysis, can be categorized in three main sections namely, in-house, public and customized training programmes.

In-House Training Programmes

These training programmes are those that TCGL offers to employees of specified companies or organization. In this case, TCGL conducts a Learning Needs Analysis in order to ascertain whether there is a basis for the training as well as the aspects of the employees’ duties that may require training.

Public Courses

TCGL offers training programmes open to the general public. Such training programmes are not limited to employees of a particular organization but to all people who may find the training programme suitable.

Customized Training Programmes

These training programmes are those that are crafted and designed to suit the nature of operations of a particular organization. These training programmes are demand-driven and will require TCGL working in conjunction with the client to design specific course to meet the peculiar needs of the organization. These type of training programmes are very flexible in that, it is organized at the convenience of the client- in terms of where, when and how.


October 12,2019 00:46:33
Love your initiative good job
Victor Hamilton
December 14,2019 15:45:50
Please how do I get a job through your establishment ?
Abdul Rauf RAUF Salifu
February 20,2020 12:26:49
please are you a recruitment agency as well?
Joseph Etsey Segbeyah
February 22,2020 16:02:33
Please what are the steps to follow to get a job under your supervission.

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