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You are incompetent!

You are worthless!

I don’t know why I pay you!

I don’t know what use you are to this company!

If I were the CEO you would be out the door already!

These are some of the very harsh statements we use on our employees causing them to be demoralized and killing every form of motivation they have left. Most of the time these statements are triggered as a result of bottled up emotions from the said employee’s performance over a period of time, issues from home, marital issues, car issues, rent issues, police issues among others.

As supervisors we should be very mindful of the words we use on our employees as they go a long way to affect their productivity. As trivial as it may sound it really does. Imagine you work under someone who never appreciates your efforts and whenever you make a mistake they descend on you and use all the adjectives in the dictionary on you.

A good leader is one who has total control of their emotions at work and does not project their anger and frustrations on others just because they are having a bad hair day. As a leader or supervisor your emotions should be left at the door of the company before you enter your work space. You have to have total control over your emotions. Your ability to not let your emotions be the basis for reactions and decisions is a skill and art that must be learned and developed.

That is where we come in. Sign up to our Public Course on: The Mindful Supervisor: Managing Emotional Intelligence, self-awareness and Ability to Communicate. Let us help you.

“If you do not have control over your mouth, you will not have control over your future.”

Germany Kent

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