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Yes you can. Throughout the years getting a job has been one of the most difficult things to do. The reason why most people do not get jobs is due to various reasons. Some due to a bad CV or Resume, some due to a bad representation of themselves during the interview, 

some due to a lack of knowledge about the company, some due to lies told on their CV or resume and hence they are not able to defend the very things they write in their CVs . Today we are going to dwell more on the lies people tell on their CVs and the lasting effect it can have on their careers. We will dwell on the other reasons in subsequent articles.

The last thing you would want to do is to tell a lie on your CV. It’s almost as if you are saying I am not competent so do not employ me. Lying is a major turn off for most employers. In fact lying is a major turn off to any human being. Whenever people lie to you the first thing that comes to your mind is this person is taking me for granted or this person thinks I am a fool. This is exactly how your employer feels when you lie on your CV, and please do not deceive yourself that they will not find out. If they do not find out at the interview, they will find out eventually when you start working because the thing about telling lies is, once you tell a lie you have to keep telling more lies in order to keep up with the appearance, but let’s be serious, how long can you keep lying and deceiving your employer. Mind you once your lies catch up with you, you are seen as a deceiver, dissimulator, and phony. You lose your trustworthiness and as trivial as you may think the lie is, it can go a very long way to affect your career for the rest of your life. Your CV should be as truthful as possible.

Tell the truth, don’t exaggerate, don’t put down competencies you do not possess and when asked to demonstrate later you are found wanting. When you tell the truth no matter how insignificant you think your skills are, it makes you more attractive as a suitable candidate for the job, it gives you a true reflection of who you really are and throws more light on the areas that you need to grow as an individual in order to add value and worth to yourself.

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