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Talent are those individuals in the organization whose every effort makes a difference to organizational performance, either through their immediate contribution or in the longer-term by demonstrating the highest levels of potential. Employees, especially talented ones, contribute to the accomplishment of competitive advantage in their organizations because they are innovative and have the ability to achieve desired organizational goals.

Talent Management means managing the ability, competency and power of employees within an organization.

It is important that an organization analyzes its talent deficiencies based on the organizational culture it wants to build and in line with ever-evolving trends. It is also vital to recognize the most significant strategies of talent management and how to approach it as a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, it is essential that an organization identifies the best ways to invest in talent management as it helps reduce organizational cost associated with hiring new talent. A great talent management strategy has a direct impact on performance levels and productivity.

At The Capital Group Ghana Limited, we have the experience, strategies and tools to find the best talents for your organization, manage them based on request and help to retain them in the organization. Our organizational psychologists work with individuals, groups and teams to help build a healthy environment to attract and keep the right talent.

Kindly contact The Capital Group Ghana Ltd. for more information on Talent Management.

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