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Do We Go the Extra Mile? Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) At the Workplace

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We all know that employee who does the extra mile and goes all out for his/her co-workers and the company at large. That employee who puts off the lights when not in use to save power and that one who picks up his/ her colleague’s children from school because the

colleague is swamped up with work. Well, that is what is called Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB).

OCB is a term used to describe all the positive and constructive employee actions and behaviors that are not part of their job functions. It is simply anything that employees do out of their own free will, that supports their colleagues and benefits the organization as a whole.

Types of OCB

There are mainly five (5) types of OCB which include:

  • Altruism- This is when an employee helps and assists another employee without expecting anything in return. For instance, when someone offers to assist a co-worker who is swamped with work or offering to pick up a colleague who doesn’t have a car to and from work.
  • Courtesy- This is polite and considerate behavior towards other people at work. For instance, saying Good morning to colleagues and offering your seat at a meeting to an older colleague.
  • Sportsmanship- This is the ability of an employee to be a good loser, and the ability to deal with situations that do not go your way or as planned. For example, an employee who has to take up the task of a team member who sprains his leg and is on sick leave.
  • Conscientiousness- These are behaviors that require a certain level of self-control and discipline that goes beyond the minimum requirements. For example, in these Covid-19 times when most organizations are working from home, your ability to get out from bed and run to your work and join meetings, etc. Also, making a conscious effort to get to work on time and get work done even after work hours.
  • Civic- This has to do with how well an employee represents their organizations or how employees defend their organizations when they are not in an official capacity. Examples of this include taking part in sports activities on behalf of the company and taking part in volunteering and blood donations organized by your organization.


Benefits of OCB

  • OCB boosts employee morale especially when they are noticed
  • OCB increases peoples’ levels of work meaningfulness and reduces stress
  • OCB creates social interactions and a sense of belonging among employees.
  • OCB creates a sense of community among employees
  • OCB is good for your employee brand and leads to higher job satisfaction and performance.

Most of these benefits are very beneficial when OCB among workers is noticed and complimented.

How can HR encourage OCB among staff?

  • Hire Right

There are certain things that can be included in the selection process which include

Show candidates the kind of OCB your company encourages and take a potent ‘OCB’ fit into consideration when hiring. This can be done through:

  • Your Job Description (JD)-This can reflect company values so candidates can decide whether or not these values are in line with theirs. If these values resonate with theirs, they are more likely to show civic virtues.
  • Realistic Job Previews (RJP)- Using RJP will help demonstrate the kind of citizenship behavior you would like to see in your organization
  • Pre-Selection – Using tools and a whole range of different assessment tests such as personality tests like the Harrison assessment to measures person –job behavior fit, for instance.
  • Involve Management

Managers play a vital role in OCB. As leaders, they must lead by example (being polite, be good losers, supports team members, etc.), such that their subordinates will be inspired to follow suit. Managers should also praise the kind of OCB they will like their teams to exhibit.

  • Rethink Performance Engagement-

Some companies have included OCB in their performance appraisal management process. If most organizations could do the same it will keep employees on their toes and help them become better people at work.

With all these salient points mentioned above, we at The Capital Group Ltd can help you employ potential ‘OCB fit’ employees through the use of the Harrison’s Assessment Test, a service we provide that measures some OCB personality traits. This is a very useful tool to make picking ‘the right fit’ easier, faster, effective and efficient. We also offer a variety of recruitment, selection, and outsourcing support to help you attract the right set of potential OCB employees into your business or organization. Kindly contact us on all your employment needs and we will be glad to assist you. You can contact us via or or call us on (+233) 0302 670 991/ 674 697 or 0570692249.

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