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Recently I asked my 70-year-old uncle and my 25-year-old sister to use the words crash, hard drive, virus and mailbox to form a simple sentence. My uncle wrote: During a hard drive to Kumasi, I contracted a virus, became weak and crashed into a mailbox. My sister wrote: A virus in my mailbox caused my hard drive to crash. These two sentences though similar in words show that my uncle and my sister are generations apart. Generations have come and gone,

and each is characterized by significant and episodic events which is relevant to its cohorts. Every generation is made of individuals who share common ideas and views relative and characteristic of their time.

Who are Millennials?
Born in the period between 1981-1996, the Millennial Generation, also known as Generation Y are the current ‘supermen and women’ of our time who form the largest cohorts in most of our organizations all over the world. Born in a Wired World, with easy access to the internet and technology, Millennials are characterized by episodic events such as the internet and technological advancement as well as the development of websites such as GOOGLE among others. Millennials use technology and the internet at work for various work and non-work purposes. Millennials who believe that information is readily available on a 24/7/365 basis have a strong desire to be creative and autonomous workers. They are very keen on work-life balance which explains why they spend so much time using technology and social media which usually strikes a negative effect on their performance at work.

How can Managers and Employers Manage Their Millennial Employees?
 First of all, Managers and employers must have a policy around the use of technology and the internet for non-working purposes. By so doing there can be restrictions on certain social media sites during working hours. This will serve as a check to the indiscriminate use of technology and the internet at work.
 Secondly, managers and employers should make work dashboards and announcement platforms interesting by giving Millennial employees the chance to upload and publish their creative works which they will like to share with colleagues. This brings out the creativity in them and in its own way serves as personal motivation.
 These same dashboards should have gamification features that will encourage engagement among all staff, especially the Millennials. This goes a long way to buttress the notion of ‘’All work and no play makes Jack a lazy boy’’.
 In terms of Millennials craving for work-life balance, managers and employees should adopt the habit of organizing periodic games and recreational activities for their staff to help release some stress. This can be done during the weekends to enable some time for rest. These activities can be in the form of hiking, football, acrobatics, cooking, singing and dancing competition, end-of-year parties, Friday happy hour among others.
 Finally, managers and employers should engage their Millennial employees so as to share ideas with them and tap from their rich creativity skills. Managers should also engage millennials in decision-making and problem-solving skills so they can channel their internet searches to more profitable work ideas and information that will positively affect the organization.

At The Capital Group Ghana, we offer counseling, coaching and training for all dimensions of work-related issues, and we can help you with training on how to deal with Millennial employees. We also offer a variety of recruitment, selection and outsourcing support to help you attract the right set of young brains such as Millennials into your business or organization. Kindly contact us on all your employment needs and we will be glad to assist you. You can contact us at  or or call us on (+233) 0302 670 991/ 674 697 or 0570692249.

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