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The HR Development For the Future

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In the past months, we have focused on what separates the standing and the fallen. Organizations both small scale and large scale, private and commercial have all been analyzed and prodded extensively by COVID-19 resulting in the death of many.

One of the most visible changes in 2020 was the global overnight shift to remote work for much of the workforce where the new office was the home. Working from home had already become an increasingly common occurrence for workers.

In our part of our world working took another turn, workers who sat on the fence were stripped naked before COVID-19 and inability to defend their competencies.


More fundamentally, the way we have designed and structured our organization will have to change. Many companies have already made use of online tools like; Hive, Zoom, Teams, Calendly, Google Docs etc., to foster a culture of togetherness despite physical distance. Virtual glad hours have begun to supplant after-work socializing. HR should upgrade the employee journey and measure the virtual employee experience. Components like work-life balance, prosperity, association, and coordinated effort will be essential both for employee satisfaction and the advancement of business results.


The global workforce apparently had no choice but needed to upgrade their learning and development space. It’s an exciting and challenging time to be in HR leadership. Elemental forces are driving HR out and the only way out is HR professionals need to make data driven and evident based decisions. They also need to understand the business, strategy and customers; it is no longer about the old business models being used. Digital integration drives impact through technology.


In our previous article “EFFECTIVE COACHING ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE” we addressed the fact that to be effective, communication ought to be a two-way measure. More than simply keeping employees informed about the newest business developments, communication should be a step-by-step process that involves the exchange of data between two or more parts at all organizational levels hence digitizing communication.

The sweetener is You’re not redesigning your complete job from scratch, but what you are doing is taking the job you already have and making changes that will put you on top.

Next generation HR professionals have to look beyond thriving, performance and growth. However, addressing 6 W’s WHAT-WHO-WHEN-WHY-WELL-WHERE tend to make changes in their task, develop skills, craft relationship, and make their job healthy.

The future is already here for HR leaders who are inculcating Artificial Intelligence (AI) now because there is no doubt AI has the potential to transform performance and productivity. We will agree with Søren Kierkegaard “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Here, then, in a nutshell, you have the whole matter before us to rethink HR development.

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