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Today the face of Human Resource is a portal rather than a person making it a technology-based profession thus organizations are now practicing HR services through technology, web applications such as Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and this has adversely affected recruitment. Traditional recruitment process has not become irrelevant but technology has now made it easier and very simple which reduces effort for both applicants and recruiters, and enhances employer branding. Examples of such technologies used in recruitment are Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Cloud, Video interviewing tools, Psychometric testing tools etc.


One of the ways technology makes recruitment selection process easier and efficient is the use of Psychometric testing tool like Harrison Assessment Test, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, etc Psychometric test is a standard scientific method used to measure candidates suitable for a role based on the required personality, characteristics or abilities. The information collected can be used to identify hidden aspects of the candidate that might not be seen during a face-to-face interview.

There are many benefits to using Psychometric test for recruitment and selection purposes;


Recruiting and selecting new staff can be very costly and takes a lot of time. The use of Psychometric test can save employers time since it can easily help in identifying the abilities and interest of candidates needed by the employer for a specific role. This can be beneficial for mass recruitment or filtering out large applications to a much smaller pool. In much the same way it saves a company money that it might incur due to non-performance of staff or high turnover rates.


Many organizations put lot of emphasis on education and work experience. Psychometric testing can be used as a bridge to fill gaps between academic achievements and abilities of an individual. It aids an employer to get an overall picture of who candidates are, their personality, capabilities, how they work under pressure or even how they work alone or as part of a team. The employer will know where exactly to place a candidate and determine a candidate’s future potential which is often difficult to ascertain using traditional method of recruitment and selection.


In as much as an employee would like to get a candidate who has demonstrated that he or she can do the work, it is essential to know how well the candidate will fit with the rest of the working group and how they would operate within an organization’s culture. Someone who likes to work alone is not going to work their full potential if a company thrives heavily on teamwork and psychometric test can help an organization achieve this.


The method is totally unbiased and involves no kind of favouritism. If the candidate answers the questions correctly, then he or she is selected based on what the employer or hiring manager is looking for. It is much fairer and simpler.

Employers are looking to drive performance further by identifying and hiring people who will not only succeed in their job role but will also be an ideal fit hence it might be time to consider the use of technology in recruitment and most importantly benefits of Psychometric test  in assessing candidates if your company is struggling to recruit the right and ideal candidates. You can contact The Capital Group Limited for of your Psychometric test assistance on +233-302-670991-2 or +233-302-674697 or Email:

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