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Use Legal Avenues as a Last Resort

When all other channels for positive conflict resolution are exhausted, companies may resort to legal avenues like arbitration and litigation. These should be approached as a last resort since they are costly and time-consuming, not to mention psychologically draining on all parties involved.


Arbitration is a formal process that, like a court case, may involve the questioning of witnesses and the review of evidence. Retired judges and other legal experts often serve as professional arbitrators, who issue a final judgement based on all of the material presented. The outcome of arbitration is typically legally binding.

Litigation refers to a formal court case involving a judge and/or jury. Many states require professional disputes be brought through mediation first because it is so often successful and saves the taxpayer dollars that would be associated with holding a trial.

Prioritize Conflict Resolution When Hiring

Despite the inevitability of conflict in the workplace, you can help minimize its frequency by building a team with strong conflict resolution skills. To do this, make sure your screening processes and interview questions are designed to identify these skills and flag candidates who lack them.

Some conflict resolution questions to work into your interviews might include:

  • How would you describe your communication style?
  • How do you deal with personality clashes when working on a team?
  • When you have a conflict with a coworker, how do you go about resolving it?
  • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss. What was the outcome?
  • What experiences in your background have prepared you to effectively manage conflict in the workplace?

Background checks are another critical component of the hiring process to alert you to any potentially problematic traits, like unresolved anger management issues.


At the end of the day, an employee’s alignment with your company culture can play a huge role in whether they are going to contribute to conflicts in the workplace. When you hire for strong culture fit, you are less likely to experience the negative impacts of workplace conflict we have outlined above.

TCGL can help you zero in on candidates who not only meet your skills requirements, but who mesh with your company’s overarching values and personality. We are experts at identifying positive traits like communication skills and creative problem solving that will allow new hires to thrive in a collaborative environment.

Start building a company culture you can be proud of. Contact us today to schedule your free staffing consultation.

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