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Once the dust settles from the COVID-19 crisis, many companies across the globe will find their finances shattered. Most organizations will fight to retain their businesses in order to find their feet once again. Business leaders and HR managers would need a new set of principles and practices of business/manpower development that would not leave them sitting ducks for the next crisis. 
Organizational Resilience then becomes an important factor to determine which organizations or companies are best able to withstand future crises—whether pandemics, climate disruptions, or financial meltdowns—to thrive economically. These organizations will be the best places for clients to invest their money. Such organizations will attract the best and the brightest people. They will be the places where employees feel secure enough to innovate.
It is essential for business leaders and HR managers to create resilient systems to reengineer work in their organizational setting. Diverse systems are critical because they are less likely to fail all at once or in the same way. These systems should be simple, replicable, and transparent.
As your organization begins the long road of rebuilding, here are some criteria by which you might measure and create your resilience:

(1)A system of committed workforce
If you were able to counsel your employees to contain and remain committed after all the hardships created by the pandemic; the salary, compensation and benefit cuts etc. then your workforce is resilient. However, organizations with such an advantage should not be complacent but must strive to maintain staff commitment and engagement by emphasizing personal responsibility, independence, and empowerment of employees across all levels. Such a system of high commitment emphasizes getting the tasks complete, but do it in a way that employees enjoy and get satisfied with. Business Leaders and HRM must develop an organizational design, business processes, goals and measures, and capabilities that are aligned with a focused, winning strategy. This kind of environment allows employees to approach tasks at ease.
(2) A system of human internal resources use
Management should continue in the right path of mobilization and use of the organization's talented human resources to ensure its ability to operate during business as usual, as well as being able to provide the extra capacity required during any other crisis.
(3) A sustainable workforce budget system
Are your sources of income diverse enough to meet the basic needs of employees in the next phase of the crises? Put another way, how self-reliant is your company? The more self-reliant your organization is – on internally generated revenue – the less a global disruptions will matter.A diversity in your revenue flow or outlets will boosts your profit margins and increase compensation and salary due your employees in times of crises.

(4) System of staff Innovation
Your staff were encouraged and rewarded for using their knowledge in novel ways to solve new and existing problems amidst the covid-19, and for utilizing innovative and creative approaches to developing solutions. This is an indication of workforce resilience. Management should encourage staff creativity and innovation by instituting rewards systems. In case of a second wave in any crises these systems would save the company.

(5) A system of partnerships
To what extent is your organization connected to others. Are your employees learning from their peers elsewhere? What about management? Those connections—especially with people, culture, and knowledge—will allow you to take advantage of the best of what the world offers, without becoming dangerously dependent on it. Organizational leaders must encourage networking and partnerships. During crises, these connections will enable you to offer help and receive same.

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