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Introducing the Remote Working Assessment / Analysis

Harrison Assessment Test Solutions (HATS) is an award winning, cloud-based technology psychometric assessment and analysis tool. The HATS tool has an accuracy rate of 90% in predicting job success and thus provide employers secure, job specific predictive analytics that enhances the candidate and employee experience.

With the online platforms created, Talent management is made easy because organizations can without physical interaction conveniently;

  1. Recruit (Talent Acquisition/Selection)
  2. Develop Employees (Talent Development; Career Development)
  3. Improve leadership skills of employees (Talent Leadership)
  4. Ensure employee acquire the satisfaction they require at the workplace (Talent Engagement and Retention)
  5. Other uses and business applications include; performance improvement, succession management, team building, leadership change management, conflict resolution, culture change, outplacement and career guidance etc.

In addition to the above assessments /analysis, the remote working assessment has been developed to cater for the new norm of social distancing and working from home in these COVID-19 times.

The remote working assessment and analysis reports identify and measure employees / candidates’ strength and gaps related to various factors that support remote working. Specifically, it identifies;

  1. Individual traits needed for effective remote productivity and communication
  2. Individual fit with the job which is the primary foundation for successful remote working
  3. Individual level of engagement which is a foundation for successful remote working

We believe that with these solutions your organization’s talent management needs can be effectively and efficiently addressed without having to physically interact with / contact employees and candidates.

If you need further clarification on Harrison Assessment do not hesitate to contact the following for more information:

Linda Bonney - 0570692249, 

Alfred Cromwell – 0501239074, 

Mercy Zempare – 0577681933, 

Bismark Eshun – 0577684327,

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