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I wish I had known the way he/she touched me, and the sexual words he/ she said in the office space that made me uncomfortable, that set me thinking and felt inappropriate to me was sexual harassment.

Survey shows that 54% of women and 10% of men go through sexual harassment every year. Yes! Men are also sometimes sexually harassed by female colleagues, bosses or clients.

Many people feel discouraged or less inspired by their bosses to actually report when they are being harassed. Most of these people do not report due to fear of losing their jobs, others are afraid that they will be stigmatized. Because of this fear, many people sit aloof while these sexual predators and harassers drain them of their energy, desire to keep working and if persistent, their very will to live.

As an employee it is your right and responsibility to report any sexual harassment advances you may be experiencing. Keep records of anything the harasser says or does to you that you find offensive and uncomfortable. After you have all your records in place report to the right authorities that is your HR department and if your company does not an active HR department report to your manager (assuming he/she is not the harasser) if he or she is then take it to the court of law and the law against such uncouth behavior will be there to protect you. (§ 15, 63 & 175 of the Labor Act 2003; §103 of the Criminal Code, 1960 (Act 29).

Remember, you reporting your sexual harasser will save another victim they might be targeting.

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